Profit From The Dollar Crisis

At the present time – I am guessing – 99% of the public do not have the slightest idea of how money actually comes into existence. The book also covers some profound insights why people are stuck with not having enough money, even though they are doing everything they know how to create more of it.

What’s Wrong With Money?

While you sleep at night, while you go to work each day, something insidious is actually stealing your financial future. It isn’t anyone’s fault really. There is a massive reallocation of wealth as we transition into the new economy. You simply need to find a way to sleep peacefully knowing that your own wealth is safe and secure from those who would take it from you.

Are Your Expenses Eating You Alive?

The middle class is about to be wiped out altogether and only your personal financial intelligence will determine whether you become rich or whether you become poor. There will no longer be that large buffer zone known as the middle class between the rich and the poor. It turns out that how the government mishandles expenses is perhaps the single most important factor in the demise of the middle class.

We are approaching a monetary crisis of epic proportions never before seen.

Since this economic crisis picked up speed in 2008, our government has shunned all sense of fiscal responsibility with:

Out-of-control stimulus spending

Record-setting deficits in the trillions

Job-depleting taxes and regulations

This hits the middle class right where it tends to live most precariously: between earning a living with a good job and paying taxes to support the system. Right under our noses, the bungling Obama Administration and the Federal Reserve continue to create money out of thin air . . . which dramatically erodes the value of everyone’s hard-earned dollar.

The Three Major Problems You Are Facing Right Now

Your fiat dollars – backed by nothing except our government’s word – have become worthless

Your retirement portfolios of dollar-denominated stocks will soon be obliterated

Your savings and pensions – already steeply in decline – will dwindle to nothing

Shockingly, the Fed has more than doubled the money supply in just the last two years. This means you have been legally robbed of 50% of your money! In a misguided attempt to triage the debt problem, they will continue to dilute value by flooding the money supply – until the mightiest currency on earth has become worthless paper. History will repeat itself all over again as the dollar goes the way of all historical currencies on its journey to oblivion.

However, There Is Some Good News. . .

There are two sides to this story. Because of the changing rules of money, the greatest transfer of wealth in the nation and the world is now unfolding. Money is about to flow away from the financially uninformed and flow towards the financially well-informed in the years ahead.

I am sure you are aware of the rising price of gold that’s been going on for almost 10 years now. Most recently, gold started climbing with even greater speed. History repeats itself again and again. Whenever governments start to dilute their money investors transfer their money into gold. Gold has intrinsic value and will always prevail in any economy.

What most non-investors and investors – including yourself – probably you don’t realize is that although gold is a great way to preserve your wealth, it’s silver that could actually make you rich!

The price of gold has already risen dramatically, but silver is just beginning its climb.

Many financial experts predict that gold could at least double to $2,000 . . . $2,500 . . . and some say even $5,000! But experts also predict the price of silver could rise seven to eight times its current value before hitting its peak.

What You Will Learn From ‘Building Wealth With Silver’

You will discover why the Federal Reserve was created and why you and I have been kept in the dark about its true purpose. You will find out why the U.S. dollar is quietly being destroyed without fanfare and the reason this process is being publically denied and covered up. You will see why unemployment numbers, along with many other economic figures, are rigged, and how we’re are being lied to about their true significance.

Why Silver Is The Best Investment Opportunity Right Now

Get the facts on silver production and consumption, and all the details behind silver’s projected five- to eight-fold increase over the next several months.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions how to buy and sell silver to turn a profit every time. Use the power of leveage to multiply your profit by the factor of four without increasing your risk substantially. Get a glimpse of the economic outlook over the next 10 years so you can make the most out of today’s investment.

Beware, this financial crisis is far from over regardless of what you may be hearing or being sold by the media. The stage is quietly set behind the curtain and the dramatic crisis will shortly begin to play out. Rather than being a passive member of the audience, it is your duty now to take action yourself.

Why not use your money wisely, enjoy financial literacy, and start profiting from your own silver investment? Heck, if you’re like me, you’ll even have a lot of fun in the process.


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