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You Must Dream of Becoming Rich

Most people dream of becoming rich.  The difference between those who become rich and those who do not is their mindset. While everyone is sitting around, dreaming of becoming rich, those who achieve wealth are taking certain steps to make it happen. These steps all lie within a person’s mindset and beliefs around money and success. Having the right mindset will open doors to opportunity and usher in wealth, while a poor mindset will cut off many potential opportunities and eliminate many chances at finding and building wealth. In order to turn dreams of wealth into reality, one must first understand the differences between someone who is wealthy and someone who is not.

There are 7 primary mindsets that separate the wealthy from the poor. Learning to adopt these mindsets and take the necessary actions mentioned in each one will help you to achieve your own wealth.

The Rich Persons Approach Too Life

Those who are wealthy see their life circumstances as something they create while those who do not possess wealth see life as something that happens to them without their say-so. People who are determined to become wealthy feel as though they can shape the contents of their own lives and determine what is happening. They desire to control their circumstances and, while no one can fully determine every single thing that happens to them, rich people take an active stance in all of their circumstances. This includes both good and bad. Just because something unexpected or unplanned comes along does not mean we should determine that life happens the way in which it chooses. We need to take each and every situation and mold it the best we can. Poor people feel as though life is up to fate and everything happens the way it does regardless of their involvement. They feel if they are going to be rich then it is going to happen. If they are going to remain poor then it is going to happen and it all stands apart from their human effort. Unfortunately, they have failed to realize that those who become truly successful and wealthy all have an active involvement with their life circumstances.

The Rich Are Willing To Take Risks

One of the most crippling mentalities in the world today is that we must hold on to what we have and play it safe. Many people are afraid of taking financial or career-related risks. The problem is that every successful and wealthy businessman has had to take some risks in order to step out of the norm and achieve great wealth. Therefore, people who are scared to take risks and want a safe and consistent life will not see the great wealth that those calculated risk-takers are able to achieve. Rich people are willing to make investments and try out new business venture. However, it is important not to confuse risk-taking with recklessness. Those who obtain wealth and keep it are both street smart, have done there research and are responsible with their money. They weigh out their decisions and take the most business-smart risks while properly maintaining their money and refraining from spending irresponsibly.

The Rich Focus On The Opportunities That Exist In Every Situation

This particular mindset helps them to advance quicker in life and develop new opportunities for wealth. Most people do not have this mindset. Most people tend to focus much of their attention on the obstacles they are facing. This causes them to develop a pessimistic attitude and become distracted and overly involved with the challenges they are facing. They view these challenges as problems and invest much of their energy in trying to solve them. Rich people view their challenges in life as opportunities rather than obstacles. This develops an ongoing optimistic attitude and keeps them on a determined path of creating success and wealth in their lives. They view each moment as a growing or learning experience, or even a chance to do something new. Being able to have this mindset is like always making a positive investment whereas always seeing obstacles in one’s life is energy-draining and disheartening and will not produce wealth.

The Rich Have A “Dream Big” Attitude

Rich people have expected big things out of their lives. This mindset sets the tone for a person and determines how high they will reach for something. If someone dreams big for themselves then they will take risks, reach for big goals, overcome obstacles and find wealth. They have the mentality that wealth is out there and they are going to do what they can in order to obtain some for themselves. No dream or goal is too big. They work hard and strive to accomplish what many people fail to do. Average people tend to have smaller dreams and goals for themselves. They may wish to work at a design firm or advertising company. They may have a dream to become a manager at one of these establishments. Why not own the design firm or advertising company? This is the mindset of the rich. They find an area that they are passionate about and decide how they can be the most important and successful person in that industry. They create more value.

The Rich Take Massive Action

While dreaming big is a very important step in obtaining wealth, action must come after the dream. Some people may dream big, but what separates the rich from the poor is that the rich understand that they must remain committed to achieving their dream and take action, even after a set back! They take the necessary steps in making their dream into a reality. As already mentioned, the rich create their reality. They strive and reach for their dreams and it requires being able to view obstacles as opportunities and a willingness to remain steadfast and committed. Those who are poor struggle with staying committed. They may dream big but then have trouble with working through challenges and remaining committed to their goals. Only the strong will survive in most situations. This includes wealth. If someone is not willing to remain committed to their cause then they will not see it come to pass. “It is not how hard you hit it is how hard you get hit and keep getting up!”- Rocky.

The Rich Associate With Like Minded People

Next, it is necessary to consider one’s group of friends and associates. The rich have the mindset of surrounding themselves with other successful people. Ever hear the saying, “birds of a feather flock together?” This means that like-minded people associate with each other. If you hang around people who are negative, uncommitted, underachiever then you will likely develop and adopt their mentality. Power of persuasion is a very strong and real phenomenon that people often fail to think about. Being exposed to thoughts that are predominant in the lower class will infiltrate your thought process and keep you poor. By associating with successful people, you will begin to adopt their mindset and learn the way in which they think. Rich people are positive, motivated and committed to their success. Much of this mentality will be evident in their speech and will slowly become a part of your own mindset if you remain in good company for long enough.

The Rich Are Open-minded To New Ideas

Lastly, it is important to understand that rich people are often very open-minded individuals. They will consider new ideas and concepts that may seem progressive or eccentric to the common person. This is one of the major things that set the mindset of the rich apart from the mindset of the poor person. It is typical and lazy to reject new ideas instead of thinking outside of the box and seeing unique concepts as having potential. The average person wants to continue in holding to popular belief instead of allowing themselves to consider innovative ideas. It is crucial to remember that innovation is what makes a person successful and ultimately, rich.

So it is possible for anyone can become rich

It is all a matter of whether you believe this and are willing to adopt a new mindset. The rich know that 80% of there success comes from there mindset and psychology and 20% make up the  financial strategies to become successfull. Your beliefs about work, relationships, health, goals, dreams and success all determine how you will approach these different areas in your life. Having small and negative thinking will limit what you do and limit the amount of money and success that you are able to make in your lifetime. Thinking positive and dreaming big will help you move toward success and wealth. Whatever path you end up going down will all be determined by your personal mindset.

“If you think you can you can but if you think you can’t you are absolutely right”. – Henry Ford.

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